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Product launch: CuroCell iA®

2024-06-18 |

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Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2023

2024-01-11 | Pressure Ulcer

November 16th marks this year's Stop Pressure Ulcer Day. The day is dedicated to raising awareness and disseminating knowledge about the issue of pressure ulcers/injuries.

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Key Aspects of MDR and Clinical studies

2023-12-01 | MDR

Since 2021, the European regulatory framework MDR (Medical Device Regulation) has been closely adhered to in the field of medical technology. MDR has the overarching goal of ensuring patient safety by

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Award – 2023 Board of the year

2023-11-14 | Corporate

At Care of Sweden, our path to success has been defined by steady growth, a deep commitment to sustainability, and a focus on positive societal impact.

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A Global Commitment to Safer Healthcare

2023-09-05 | Pressure Ulcer

Every year, the 17th of September, the world comes together to observe International Patient Safety Day. This day is coordinated to raise awareness about patient safety

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 A Costly Challenge and Opportunity for Healthcare

2023-05-31 | Pressure Ulcer

Pressure ulcers, also known as pressure injuries, are a prevalent and distressing problem in healthcare systems worldwide. They can occur due to prolonged pressure on the skin,

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Swedish innovation prevents pressure ulcers in healthcare and at home

2023-03-06 |

The incidence of pressure ulcers in the healthcare sector is one of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s quality-of-care metrics. The prevention and treatment

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Care of Sweden talks about its sustainability work

2022-07-08 | Sustainability

Reconditioning of mattresses that prolong the life of medical equipment. Digital training as a replacement for long journeys and on-site visits. Responsible recycling and

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Innovative technology in pressure ulcer/injury

2022-06-07 | Innovation

Pressure relieving mattresses with a pulsating function is a Swedish innovation by the MedTech company Care of Sweden. The intention was to develop a comfortable and stable mattress with low

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AI solution developed in Sweden prevents pressure ulcers

2022-03-02 | Innovation

As the number of old people increases, the need for care at home and in hospitals is increasing worldwide. The AI solution from Care of Sweden, which is used as an aid

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Care of Sweden announces change of CEO

2021-12-28 | Corporate

After 23 eventful years, it is time for Care of Sweden's founder Magnus Högberg to hand over the position of CEO. The role has been assigned to Karl Bülow,

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The proportion of pressure ulcers in Sweden has increased during 2021

2021-12-01 | Pressure Ulcer

The result from the Swedish 2021 point prevalence measurement shows an increase in the proportion of pressure ulcers compared with the year before. The national survey,

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New mattresses for the hospital in Gambia

2021-09-24 | Corporate

New mattresses were delivered to the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka in West Africa thanks to a collaboration between the non-profit organisations Gamcup

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Higher demands on companies in the medtech sector – we are ready!

2021-05-26 | Innovation

The new regulations for medical technology devices (MDR) will be applied on May 26th. The law sets a higher demand for transparency and clinical evidence, meaning that earlier directives are now

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Prone positioning has led to an increase in pressure injury development

2021-03-21 | Pressure Ulcer

Positioning COVID-19 patients suffering from severe acute respiratory distress in the prone position improves survival as compared to supine positioning. However, an increase in pressure injury

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New innovative technology in pressure wound care

2021-03-19 | Innovation

Pressure-relieving mattresses with a pulsating function is a Swedish innovation by the MedTech company Care of Sweden. The intention was to develop a mattress that would be

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Infection control – more important than ever

2021-02-19 | Pressure Ulcer

Today, due to the pandemic situation, the focus on cross infection prevention and infection control is higher than ever and of course, the focus is also on keeping the mattress clean and disinfect it between users(1).

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A success story from Trosa municipality in Sweden

2020-11-17 | Pressure Ulcer

– "I called around yesterday morning and found out that there are currently no pressure ulcers in elderly care homes in Trosa,” says Occupational Therapist Ulrika Nilsson

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Think of who you’re making the bed for

2020-07-06 | Pressure Ulcer

Assess the user's condition before making the bed. Never make the bed with more layers than necessary. More layers between the skin and the mattress create higher pressure.

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Using positioning cushions to assist respiratory function

2020-04-15 | Pressure Ulcer

Working together with caregivers to eliminate pressure ulcers remains an ongoing work carried out on several levels. One way of working towards this vision is to promote the general health of bedridden patients

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How can I tell when the mattresses need to be replaced?

2020-03-30 | Pressure Ulcer

Lying on old and worn out mattresses can have a very negative impact on the body and could even give rise to pressure ulcers. As the foam in the mattress shiftes and ages beyond its techical lifespan...

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Feel safe with the handling of your mattresses

2020-03-16 | Pressure Ulcer

Despite a serious situation with a rapidly spreading new Coronavirus covid-19, Care of Sweden is ready to fulfill the needs of the healthcare system with our products and services.

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Back injured Rasmus doesn’t have to worry about pain during golf tours

2019-11-05 | Innovation

Seven years ago, Rasmus Lia was in a serious skiing accident where he severely hurt his hip and back. After a long period of rehabilitation, he found a new passion for handigolf. Among other achievements,

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Prevent pressure ulcers and reduce costs

2019-10-03 | Pressure Ulcer

The directives say that healthcare should provide better care with fewer resources, which can be seen as opposites to each other. However, Care of Sweden's updated health economical report shows that there is a lot of money to be saved, simply by purchasing the right type of mattress.

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