Sustainability at Care of Sweden

For a sustainable future

Sustainability for us is not about individual efforts. Sustainability for us is work that goes on every day, in everything we do.

We look at our business from a holistic perspective, which also permeates our way of acting towards the market, in each individual, as well as in the marks we make on the environment.

Our sustainability work is based on our original promise – Supporting Life. Here you can read more about our ongoing work.

Hospital care

A sustainable value chain

Our value chain describes the main areas of business where the environment and society are affected in varying ways, and where the opportunity to influence differs between the different parts.  

Our interpretation of sustainability provides a broad perspective by seeing our entire business as part of a complete sustainability concept. All so that we can live up to our promise, both today and in the future.

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Global goals for sustainable development

Care of Sweden, together with healthcare, wants to create conditions for sustainable development. Through conscious efforts and dedicated work, we want to contribute to the implementation of Agenda 2030.

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Global sustainability goal 11