Think of who you’re making the bed for
2020-07-06 Pressure Ulcer

What you should consider when making the bedding for a user at risk for pressure ulcers/injurie

Assess the user’s condition before making the bed. Never make the bed with more layers than necessary. More layers between the skin and the mattress create higher pressure. Always make the bed based on the status and general condition of the user.

Before you make the bed, can you answer the following questions about the user?

  • Is the user incontinent?
  • Is the incontinence protection properly tested?
  • Is the user in need of a position change?
  • Is there a risk of pressure ulcers/injuries?
  • Does the user have any existing pressure ulcers/injuries?

Why is proper bedding important?

  • More layers can create a change in pressure and shear which can cause pressure ulcers/injuries.
  • Moisture can cause wounds, which can lead to pressure ulcers/injuries.
  • It’s important that the user can sleep comfortably.

What to think about:

  • Place the sheets directly on the mattress/mattress cover.
  • Avoid plastic overlays, as it increases the risk of maceration.
  • Only use incontinence material if the user needs it.