Infection control – more important than ever
2021-02-19 Pressure Ulcer

Steps to reduce the risk of contamination

Today, due to the pandemic situation, the focus on cross infection prevention and infection control is higher than ever and of course, the focus is also on keeping the mattress clean and disinfect it between users(1).

We want you to feel confident that Care of Sweden meets the strict health care requirements for hygiene and infection control. This means that all our mattresses are equipped with removable hygiene covers, developed, verified, and tested by a third party to meet the high requirement defined in international standards.

Care of Sweden meet the hygiene requirement of hospital bed mattress covers by ensuring it:

  • can be disinfected with a common hospital disinfectant.(2);
  • is removable and can be machine washed at 95oC and tumble dried at high drying temperature;
  • has a documented good barrier property against liquids and microorganisms.

Care of Sweden mattress covers is tested by a third-party institute, according to SS 8760020: 17 Medical Textiles-Mattresses-Specifications and Requirements.


Reduce risk for contamination and patient infection, according to FDA(3)

Regularly check each medical bed mattress cover for any visible signs of damage, remove the medical bed mattress cover and check its inside surface for wet spots, staining, or signs of damage, check all sides. Immediately scrap if damaged.

To reduce the risk of infection to patients make a routine/schedule for:
  • remove and replace mattresses and mattress covers with visible signs of damage;
  • clean and disinfect undamaged medical bed mattress covers, machine wash between users;
  • ensure the expected lifetime of the mattress and the mattress cover has not expired.

If you want to know more about hygiene recommendations, or the third-party test, just let us know.


1) From year 2011 thorough 2016, the FDA in the USA received over 700 reports of a hospital bed mattress cover failing to prevent blood or body fluids from leaking into the mattress
2)such as alcohol both with and without surfactants, oxidizing solutions, chlorine max 1%, Isopropanol 70% or hydrogen peroxide max 1.5%.
3)FDA  2013 Damaged or Worn Covers for Medical Bed Mattresses Pose Risk of Contamination and Patient Infection: FDA Safety Communication