Our Surroundings

What are we facing?

Global trends are shaping the future of the world, and these changes are having a profound impact on the healthcare system across the globe. From demographic shifts to a shortage of healthcare professionals, these factors are reshaping the landscape and presenting new challenges for us all.

Imagine a world where the population has a longer life expectancy and where we age significantly(1). This demographic shift has implications on healthcare and results in an increasing demand for a decreasing group of healthcare professionals(2).

It’s a complex and rapidly evolving situation, but one thing is certain: the world is changing, and we need to be prepared. By understanding and adapting to these macro factors, we can help ensure that our healthcare system is ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Pressure injuries

Pressure injuries cause significant suffering for those
affected and result in significant costs for society,
however, the majority of these injuries are preventable(3).

According to a report published in the International
Journal of Nursing Studies, reports that the total cost
for pressure injuries in Australian public hospitals
was $9 .11 billion(3).

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Health assosiated infections

In Australia alone, it is estimated that healtcare associated infections (HAIs) occupy up to two million hospital bed days each year, that puts a huge strain on healthcare resources(4).

Patients with pressure injuries are particularly vulnerable to HAIs, as the damage skin provides a pathway for microorganisms to enter the body. These patients may have open wounds, making them more vulnerable to infections that can be transmitted through direct contact, contaminated surfaces, or medical devices(5).

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Aging population

In 20 years, Australia’s population aged 85 and
above is expected to increase with 140%(6).

As populations continue to age, the need for
good-quality healthcare services will continue to
increase. We understand the challenges this presents,
and our vision to eliminate pressure ulcers/injuries is
our contribution to meet these demands.

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Shortage of Healthcare professionals

Australia is facing a shortage of at least 110,000
direct aged-care workers within the next decade
unless urgent actions is taken to boost the workforce(7).

At Care of Sweden, our goal is to develop solutions
with the aim to enable healtcare professionals to focus
on what truly matters; the patients.

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