Pulsating Mode™

A holistic approach to pressure ulcers/injuries

Global trends are influencing the future of the world, and these transformations are significantly affecting the healthcare system worldwide. People who are aged 80 years or older is set to triple from 2020 to 2050(1), concurrently with a shortage of Healthcare professionals(2), and a rise in home-based care.

The global trends are cruical as they necessitate the multifaceted functionality of our solutions. Considering the rising demand within the future healthcare landscape, it is of utmost importance that we approach the issue of pressure ulcers/injuries from a holistic perspective. Our goal is to prevent and treat pressure ulcers/injuries, while enabling healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to patient care. We also aim to ensure a high level of patient safety for those recieving care at home.

This is the reason why we’ve developed the Pulsating Mode™.

New innovations for pressure ulcer/injury prevention

The need for innovative solutions has never been higher, and the demand of autonomy, as well as techonological solutions that can support healthcare professionals and enhance their efficiency, is continually growing.

During 2009, we embarked on a mission to improve the lives for individuals with high risk for pressure ulcers. At that time, there was a debate about the main cause, or ‘etiology’, of pressure ulcers/injuries. Until then, it was widely believed that the main cause of pressure ulcers was Ischemia, which, in simple terms, is the restriction or blockage of blood flow.

In the past, Ischemia has historically been explained as the sole reason for pressure ulcer/injury development. However, new research at that time revealed that there was another main reason for these injuries: direct cell deformation.

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Care of Sweden employee

Patient in hospital

The story behind the Pulsating Mode™

This new knowledge made understanding of pressure ulcers/injuries even more complicated. Despite making progress in understanding why pressure ulcers happen, the methods for preventing them haven’t really changed much over time.

Tha lack of a method to distinguish between thenow two primary causes, creates a lot of uncertainty and the risk of not getting the right treatment. That is why it’s very important to change our focus and work on a complete solution that deals with both blood flow issues (ischemia) and cell deformation.

Care of Sweden initiated pulsation as early as 2009, introducing an innovative approach to prevent and treat pressure ulcers/injuries.

The importance of research and clinical evidence

At Care of Sweden, research is an essential part of what we do, and we take pride in ensuring that our solutions not only meet but also exceed great standards, prioritizing patient safety and achieving clinical results in preventing pressure ulcers.

The development of the Pulsating Mode™ was no exception. It underwent extensive clinical research, with the aim to secure the Clinical effect. Together with researchers from Ghent University in Belgium, we did an Observation multicentre study performed in a standard Clinical Environment.

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Clinical proven effect at the University in Ghent

The study involved 40 care recipients who were at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers/injuries or who already had pressure ulcers/injuries. These individuals had the opportunity to utilize our mattress systems equipped with the Pulsating Mode™.

Care recipients who are prescribed this type of mattress are fragile and typically unable to change their position in bed. They are often in the latter or terminal phase of life, where the primary focus is on improving their quality of life, including avoiding pain and ensuring a good night’s sleep.




The key take aways from the study is that the majority of the participants reported that they experienced reduction in pain intensity or complete pain resolution. Participants found the system to be both comfortable and quiet. There were no instances of new pressure ulcers/injuries occuring, and almost all existing pressure ulcers/injuries had healed, with the exception of one case(3).

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