Care of Sweden talks about its sustainability work
2022-07-08 Sustainability

Circular care every step of the way

Reconditioning of mattresses that prolong the life of medical equipment. Digital training as a replacement for long journeys and on-site visits. Responsible recycling and reuse that reduces waste. These are some of the examples of how Care of Sweden’s sustainability work extend across the entire value chain.

Care of Sweden manufactures mattresses, seat cushions, and pillows that are used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, and through the company’s rental offer, healthcare can access the products just when they are needed.

– We have great opportunities to meet tomorrow’s challenges by being resource-efficient and advocating preventive care, says Susanne Andersson, Chief QA and Compliance Officer at Care of Sweden.

Care of Sweden’s work on sustainability revolves around the concept of circular care and the company looks at its operations from a holistic perspective. This means that the company’s products and services must look after the entire environment around the potential care recipient.

– Both in the requirements for procurements and in the wishes from care units, there is an increased need for sustainable medical equipment, says Susanne Andersson.

Through Care of Sweden’s rental offer, the mattresses undergo regular reconditioning, which contributes to the products being able to be used throughout their planned life cycle. Digitalization also creates great opportunities to work from home as well as reducing travel.

You can read about our ongoing sustainability work on our website: Sustainability at Care of Sweden