CuroCell® IQ

Welcome to our Q&A page for CuroCell® IQ.

Here we answer your questions and provide more information about the benefits of the support surface for both caregivers and patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the power cord for the CuroCell® IQ?

4,5 meter.

How long do the notifications on CuroCell IQ last?

The control unit displays the notification code, and the notification (audible and/or visual) continues until the issue is resolved. You can use the ‘silence information signal’ button – this will silence the warning for 5 minutes before it resumes until the issue is resolved.

How long does CuroCell IQ notify in case of power failure?

The control unit has the capacity to notify with sound for approximately 2 minutes in case of power failure.

How often do air exchanges occur in a CuroCell IQ system with CX support surface?

CuroCell IQ is preconfigured with a cycle time of 10 minutes, a setting based on scientific research and proven practice.

How does the startup of the systems work, and when can the individual be placed on the support surface?

Before placing the patient on the support surface, the mattress should be fully inflated, which takes varying amounts of time depending on the mattress and size. If the patient is placed on the support surface before it is fully inflated, the cells in the mattress may be prevented from filling with air (due to excessive resistance), or it may take longer to inflate the mattress.

Start the system. The mattress begins to fill. This takes approximately 20-40 minutes depending on size. During the inflation process, the “silence information signal” and “information signal” diodes will glow orange. Once these diodes are extinguished, the patient can be placed on the mattress.

If startup occurs with the patient lying on the mattress, a restart is sufficient, meaning the system is restarted without the patient lying on it.

How does the autonomous function work in CuroCell IQ?

Through an AI-driven algorithm, the control unit adjusts the pressure in the air cells individually based on the patient’s height, weight, and position, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. If the patient changes position in bed, the system detects this and autonomously adjusts the settings to accommodate the new position. Unlike traditional automatic systems, which apply a predetermined air pressure, CuroCell A4, CuroCell IQ, and CuroCell iA create individual settings that provide complete personalized pressure relief for each individual.

Utilization of CuroCell A4/IQ for patients with spasms?

The choice of support surface should always be based on a comprehensive and carefully conducted risk assessment, taking into account the patient’s individual needs and health condition. In our autonomous systems, a high degree of customization is offered, resulting in high sensitivity in the built-in sensors that detect movements. Therefore, we recommend, for example, in cases of spasms, that a manual variant be used instead. Here, prescribers must naturally assess the suitability of a manual system based on the individual’s needs.