CuroCell® S.A.M. PRO

Good comfort and durability combined

CuroCell® S.A.M.PRO is an overlay mattress used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, up to and including category 3(1). CuroCell® S.A.M. PRO offers good comfort(2). For additional comfort, CuroCell® S.A.M.PRO CF10 is also available with a soft inner cover. The inner cover reduces the already low pressure(8), contributing to further increased comfort.

The pump is easy to use. The comfort settings makes it easy to choose the individual comfort level which allows CuroCell® S.A.M. PRO to be used for a long time and in different care environments. The pump maintains the selected pressure and comfort level, which means that the pump only works actively when required. This contributes to reduce noise and vibration and also a long service life and low energy consumption for the pump.

Covers for comfort and hygiene

The support surfaces is supplied with a removeable and liquidproof hygiene cover for easy clening. The hygiene cover is manufactured in a four-way stretch(7)(3) fabric to reduce the risk of shear forces, and is vapour-permeable(4) to lower the risk of skin maceration. The hygiene cover also features a liquidproof zipper.

Technical specification


Constant low pressure
10 cm
Pressure injury category
Up to and including category III(5)
Recommended user weight
Up to 250 kg
Input voltage
230 V/50Hz
Sound level pump, max
22 dBA(5), 39 dBA(6)
80/85/90/105/120 x 200/210 cm
Technical life time
5 years

Cleaning instruction

Cleaning of covers:
Wipe with cleaning agent and/or disinfectants.
Machine wash max 95 °C, tumble drying.


Registered and marked in accordance with MDR (EU) 2017/745.


Transport bag
Soft inner cover (CuroCell® S.A.M.PRO CF10)



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